Make your investment now for the world's first real estate coin.

1 Vipe = 0.45$

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New payment system of the World

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Make your investment now for the world's first real estate coin.

1 Vipe = 0.45$

About Vipe


Vipe is an innovative payment platform for our evolving world. Vipe uses its own server systems, for providing enterprise blockchain technologies to Vipers.

Vipe Wallet allows you to store your Vipe, Bitcoin or Ether, exchange instantly in between, and spend instantly by VipeCard or Vipe Mobile App. While making transactions or accepting payments of Vipe, Bitcoin or Ether, you don’t pay any transaction fees. You can also use all of the features of Vipe on Viper Panel on your browser.

In contrast to the traditional banking or cryptocurrency systems, you don't wait your Vipe transaction to be confirmed. It takes only a few seconds for the transaction to complete.

As a Viper, if you have Vipe on your wallet, you can just spend it as you wish for your daily needs. No card information and personal information needed while spending your Vipes.

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Vipe Specs

Safe & Secure

Using Vipe system is highly Safe&Secure. Our servers and applications are under control 365 days a year.

Lightning Fast Transactions

Making transactions with "vipe is extremely fast thanks to our high end technological platform.

No Fees

There aren't any type of fees for the transactions for VPE, BTC and ETH or any kind of membership fees. You pay absolutely nothing.

Available on Many Platforms

You can use Vipe services on many platforms like your Mac/PC Web Browser, Android and IOS Mobile devices and any tablet.

P2P Enterprise Blockchain

Despite the known Blockchain technologies out there, our centralized blockchain system makes it faster, easier and safer to make transactions.

365/24 Uptime

Our services guarantee its users to be able to use all specs of Vipe 365 days, 24 hours.

Easy to Use

Our web services and mobile applications are designed especially to be useful and easy to use.

Solution for Receiving Payments

Using Vipe system is the most effective solution for receiving payments for any one, any shop.

Every Detail Backed Up

Every users balance, transaction history and any kind of data is backed up all the time. Vipe guarantees compensation of any kind of loss that is not originated by the user.


For Businesses

Accept fiat or cryptocurrency instantly

Securely accept payments in seconds.

No fees for transactions of VPE, BTC and ETH

VPE, BTC and ETH transactions are completely free.

Instant exchange between VPE, BTC, ETH or fiat.

Businesses and users can easily exchange instantly without any need of extra knowledge or information with the most convenient rates.

Start your own ICO and list your token on Vipe Exchange.

Announce Vipe Exchange listing before you raise funds and offer your investors advantage and build trust.

Trusted by industry experts

Vipe for IOS/Android

Vipe for Web


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What is Vipe?

Vipe is a payment system that allows its users to store, exchange, spend & accept Vipe, Bitcoin, Ether cryptocurrencies.

What is the aim of Vipe?

The aim of Vipe Tech is to provide its users to have the ability of using all kind of cryptocurrency technologies as easy and common as traditional systems. In addition to these, Vipe brings together the cutting edge technology, very easy to use interface and maximum safety, all optimized for making it “useful and logical”.

Why to invest?

In near future, the value of VPE will rise due to the growing demand on it. This will be backed up by the future re-investments using raised ICO-funds. After all ICO stages finish, VPE token will be listed on several exchanges, minimum of two. Besides being listed on an exchange, the value of VPE is guaranteed by Vipe Technologies itself by enabling Vipe share holders to exchange instantly to BTC, ETH or even spending it in fiat currencies.

What to do with Vipe?

By acquiring Vipe on your wallet;
- You will be able link your cryptocurrency assets to your daily life. Vipe offers its users the ultimate experience and many advantages. Vipe (VPE), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) transactions are completely free. Thanks to the instant exchange ability in between these cyrpto-assets, Vipe Wallet is the best alternative in the market. Also using VPE for exchange fees provides %50 discount. No matter which cryptocurrency you have on your Vipe Wallet, you can easily evaluate your assets in physical or online platforms with VipeCard.

How does the system offer no-fee procedure?

Instead of sharing all of the company profit with share holders, we provide no fee service for VPE, BTC and ETH transactions.

What is VipeCard?

VipeCard is the solution for making payments from your cryptocurrency wallet. So you can spend it physically or online and draw in fiat currency from ATMs all over the world.

What is VPE and Vip?

VPE is the ISO code for Vipe. And Vip is the smallest unit. 1 Vipe equals to 1.000.000 Vip.

What is Vipe and Viper Panel?

The word Viper means the user who is a participant to the Vipe Platform. Viper Panel is the user panel for Vipers that they can access and operate their account.

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